Thursday, March 25, 2010

Question for all you medics out there... if you knew you were going to be working a shift with a brand new EMT, what would you want them to know? If said EMT asked you to show them how to spike a bag and set up the monitor, would you willingly show them or expect them to already know?


EMT GFP said...

As a fellow EMT B, no one taught me any medic assist skills till I was volunteering on an ALS unit. However, this might have been due to my training system.

The system that I now volunteer in, they teach medic assist skills in recert class, so here I would say the medics would assume you should know how to use everything and help out.

I think it basically boils down to your system and what they expect of you.

Elisabeth said...

Thanks! I've got my first medic shift this week so hopefully they will be willing to show me what they expect me to do.