Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This past week I worked my last day at the bookstore, and I can honestly say I am glad to be out of there! I also talked with someone from my EMT class who got hired by the same company as I did. They started there a couple weeks ago, so I was asking them how things were going and such.

Unfortunately, what they had to say was not good. Things about the company, the staff, the training, their policies... Granted, everything that was shared with me was from this person's perspective. So far my interactions with this company have been pleasant (for the most part) and so I was a bit shocked to hear some of the things this person had to share.

Needless to say, I'm getting a bit more anxious about Monday morning. But, alas. What can you do? I won't know anything for sure until I show up next week, go through my own orientation and training, and find out for myself. And either way, I'm still beyond excited!

Until then, any pointers/tips or words of wisdom for the newbie? :)

Also, I ended up getting a (pink) Littmann Classic II SE. Someone decided to get it for me as a gift, which was an unexpected delight!

Oh, and as you can tell the blog has got a new look. I got bored with the other layout. We'll see how long this one will last.


Dave said...

Hey you...don't worry about what your friends or co-workers say about your new employer. Most people find things to whine and grumble about, regardless of who they work for.

Go into the new job and do the best you can. Learn what you can from anyone who will teach you.

Attitudes are contagious - some might kill you. Hang with people who are a good influence on you.

It may be your first EMS job - but it probably won't be your last. It won't be perfect, but it may be the perfect fit for you right now.

Be positive, test negative.


I said...

New job, new steth, and new layout. Sounds like good times to me.