Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Texting While Driving

Anyone seen this already? My grandparents in the UK sent this along to me.


Okay, back to some last minute studying. I've got my written final tonight!

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peedee said...

This needs to be shown in every high school IMMEDIATELY! And on TV here in the states. Its not just teens texting and driving.

I rolled off an highway, across an access road, thru a guardrail and into a canal three years ago. I shouldn't be alive right now. A good samaritan pulled me unconsious out of my submurged vehicle. I wasnt texting, but I dropped my cell phone and reached down to get it and apparently swerved. I was lucky I only hurt myself. I dont even take my phone out of my pocket when I'm driving now.

Good luck tonight girl! Kickass!!