Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Alive!

No need to worry, I'm still here. Ha!

My apologies for not posting in... uhm, 20 days?! I have written and rewritten things here and there that I meant to post, but a lot of the time nothing seems good enough to put on here.

Things have been crazy here. Stressful might be a better word, though an understatement. My classes finish next Saturday. The 26th is actually my written final, and on the 29th we are being tested on all the practicals. Then I move on to take my state exam. And so, all I do is study study study! I'm thinking about and reciting this stuff in my sleep. Quite literally. (And loving it!) Though I need to stop over-thinking things so much because it's just messing me up.

Any tips for a nervous student?!

I guess sleep would be a good thing. Once in a while. ;-)


Sam said...

Sleep! But if you're anything like me it will be the last thing you can do. I have the kind of mind that never shuts down.
If you're willing you should try meditation. Easily the best thing I learned to do. Slows my head and relaxes me. But not everyone is into it.
All theh best with you're exams!

MedicMatto said...

My pre exam ritual in medic school was as follows:

Night before, I would do a quick review of all the material to be covered on the exam, and by quick I mean no more than an hour. Afterwords I would go out with a few friends from class for a pint and then hit the sack, being sure to get a solid 8hrs of sleep.

My routine isn't for everyone, but the key is to RELAX and not get wound up. The night before a test is the time to review and relax, you are not going to 'learn' anything 12hrs before a test.

Anyways, good luck, I'm sure youll do fine, all the best!

Ben Yatzbaz said...

I'm not one for telling people to sleep, being the Insomniac, but I agree. As far as your assessments, stick with your gut instincts... They'll almost always be right!! Good Luck!

peedee said...

Study groups are good. Good for studying in the days before a test, then good for partying with afterwards. ;)