Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay, so I know I asked this in one of my very first posts, but I wanted to ask one more time before I go ahead and buy something. I am (finally!) going to be getting a stethoscope [one that doesn't fall apart when you look at it] and want to know what kind you suggest?

The Littmann Classic II SE is what some people said so far. But then I've had a few people who work in EMS swear by the Littmann Cardiology III because of the acoustics. And, finally, someone mentioned Ultrascope as being a good one too.

Have you tried or do you use either of these?


Ckemtp said...

Read Steve Barry's post on stethoscopes. Then buy a cheap one. No need to buy an expensive one unless you're a doctor. We paramedics only really need to see close to what it sounds like.

Michael Morse said...

I can barely hear even with the good ones. Too many sirens for too many years! Welcome aboard, I hope you find this a great career!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion you don't need to buy the top of the notch super doctor stethoscope, but not a real cheap one either. I have had good luck with any Littmann I have every used.

Browncoat EMT said...

I've been using a Prestige. Nothing classy about it, but it gets the job done. I agree with Ckemtp. When you get in the back of a truck, you're not going to be able to hear things that well anyway.

Nanto's Blogs said...

Most Littmann are good. Get what you can afford. A quick note. We don't always auscultate in the back of the truck. What about listening for fine basal inspiratory crackles in someones house? Or auscultating a bp on a septic hypotensive patient? Our service used to provide rubbish now every truck has at least one classic II on it.
I won a master cardiology as a door prize and was amazed at what I could hear & had missed in the past. Auscultation of chests as bp's is mandatory for all thorough pt assessment & is an art worth learning to do well.

Welcome to the best job in the world!